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Patricia Lock Dawson and Dr. Nathan Iverson discuss her campaign for Riverside Mayor and women in leadership. Dr. Iverson asks for advice for (A) women (B) allies who want to suppo...

Patricia or PLD discusses her why diving into the things that have motivated her to become move civically involved in the Riverside, California. 

Episode 17 - LISTEN

Professor and Therapist Cecilia Rios on listening well. Dr. Iverson and Prof. Rios share a conversation on how listening is core to human functioning.

Professor and Therapist Cecilia Rios is interviewed on stress-coping strategies during this time of change. She shares actionable strategies for emerging with health through crisis...

Pastor Soo Ji Alvarez shares her perspectives on gratitude in the midst of pain and how to stay centered during a season of chaos.

Dr. Fuller shares about psychological strategies for moving towards a healthier, more abundant self, workplace, and world during our time in quarantine. 

Robert Moseley joins for an update on the postponed 2020 Summer Olympics, canceled NCAA Championships, and re-orientating his own mindset during his this unique season. Dr. Iverson...

What does belief in our ability to succeed look like in this era? Are there examples of hope, courage, and happiness in our pandemic?

Episode 11 - rubaroo

Rashmi and Nishanth discuss diversity, the caste system, and their work nurturing stories for social change in India through UNICEF-supported organization rubaroo in Hyderabad, Ind...

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