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CCO at WiLD Leaders Daniel Hallak shares how to meet people in the midst of our current context. Start with purpose and intent of adding value. 

Have you wondered how to find your calling and purpose? Dig into this episode with Dr. McKenna and Dr. Iverson as they discuss these topics and more!

Dr. Nathan Iverson interviews Dr. Rob McKenna on his why diving into a conversation on purpose and meaning.

Stanzi shares her perspectives on women in leadership and creates a case for the argument that women have always been "made" leaders on the born-made spectrum.

Stanzi Moseley joins Dr. Iverson for episode 2/3 where she gives her three recommendations for those wanting to begin their journey rumbling with vulnerability: 1) start small, 2) ...

Episode 1/3 with Stanzi (Constance) Moseley sharing her experiences in Olympic-level goal-setting and previews Renee Brown's work on rumbling with out emotions.

Dr. Nathan Iverson discusses agency, this week's election, and how we can keep an agentic mindset through it all

Danny and Jessica Torres return for episode 3/3 discussing how to choose positive language in a way that also reflects reality. 

Real estate investors Jessica and Danny Torres come back for episode 2/3 to expand on victim vs victor in a Latin context. They unpack powerful tools for choosing agency on a daily...

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